Want A 6-Inch Sub For $2.99?

We knew how popular the Subway restaurant is. Subway is famous for providing the delicious sandwiches. If you are a Subway Restaurant visitor, then, you are well aware of the recipes and its taste.

Many people around the United States are keen to visit the Subway Restaurant regularly. But, what if you get the 6-Inch Sub At just $2.99. Get this amazing prize for you, this is the price which you will love.

Win a 6-Inch Sub
Win A 6-Inch Sub

So, if you want the Subway Sandwich? Then, you might go with this offer. I will explain to you how to grab this amazing offer easily.

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How To Get Cheap Lunch At $2.99?

If you want to get lunch for the best price. Are you looking to save money daily? Then, you have come to the correct place where you can get the offer easily.

In my college day’s I would be taking the lunch from my home to save the money. But, one fine day, my friend told me about this offer. So, I immediately tried this amazing method.

  • First of all, visit the official website here.
  • Then, you need to enter the mobile number. Also, enter the Zip Code.
  • Furthermore, click on “I’M IN” button.
  • Now, a text message will come to your mobile number. So, you must reply to the following message for confirmation.
  • Once if you reply to the confirmation, you will get a coupon to the respective mobile number.
  • Now, with the coupon visit any of the participating restaurants and get the 6-Inch Sub Just for $2.99.

Rules & Benefits To Get A Coupon From Subway

  • First of all, you have to be a resident of the United States. You won’t get this offer other than that of the USA.
  • Moreover, the offer is available only at the participating restaurants.
  • After entering th Phone Number and clicking on I’M IN, then, you will accept all the terms and conditions. Also, you will receive 10 autodialed ads & other marketing messages per month.

Thus, in this way you can get the 6-Inch Sub For Just $2.99. It is best for your lunch.

1 thought on “Want A 6-Inch Sub For $2.99?”

  1. This afternoon at 2:30, I ordered three-foot-long subs. They ran out of tuna fish but spread it out. Then they only had enough steak for half the sub, so I had them finish it with rotary chicken, then they charged me for extra meat. Another patron came in and asked if they had Turkey and was told no, so they left. Very poor stocking. I have been trying to call the phone that is on the receipt but no answer.

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