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About Us


Welcome to my new blog and thanks to everyone for stopping by 🙂

I have been one who always loves to help and share my opinions with others. Actually, I have gained knowledge from my elders and teachers. So, I am delighted to share my knowledge with my fellow internet friends.

As an individual, everyone would love to eat at a Subway Restaurant. Some of the recipes that everyone love to eat at Subway are Steak & Cheese, Meatball Marinara, Chicken Teriyaki, Subway Club, Chicken & Bacon Ranch, Tuna, & Roasted Chicken. There are still more recipes available at the Subway Restaurant.

I am a regular visitor to the subway restaurant and love to eat Roasted Chicken. After paying the bill, a receipt will be received, on the receipt, there is a survey invitation. So, I took the survey and won the Free Cookie and Fountain Drink.

The main intention of the Global.Subway.Com Survey is to get some useful information from their customers. I love to eat at the Subway restaurant and I have recommended many of my family members and friends to eat Subway Food.

Thus, in gratitude to Subway Restaurant, we help some of the fellow customers to do Subway Listens Survey smoothly. For that, we have developed a website ( This website is just for knowledge/education purposes. Moreover, me and my team are above 18 years of age, & we provide content as per the rules. We always give utmost respect to the rules and regulations.

Also, on this website (Global-Subway.Com), I show useful information on what the user needs about the survey. By taking customer surveys, users will Free Cookie or Fountain Drink.

The main motto of this website is to provide some essential guidelines for the customers of the Subway Restaurant. Usually, many people don’t know about the Customer Survey. So, we try to help them to take it smoothly. Thank you.

So, if you visit this blog, then, taking the Global Subway Survey will be a Cake-Walk for you.