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Subway Hires New CEO – Ex-Burger King Chief – John Chidsey

Subway hires John Chidsey as the new CEO, and he is the permanent successor of Suzanne Greco. He is a former executive at the Burger King Restaurant.

Whereas the former executive of Burger King will take charge of the CEO from Nov 18th. All the subway and the team are very happy with John.

Further, subway feels that they are happy with the joining of the Ex Burger King Chief John Chidsey. He has a lot of experience in Beverage products, which helps the company to evolve further. Subway says all these words in a press limit.

Since 2018, the Subway restaurant doesn’t have a permanent leader. So, Subway feels very happy about John Chidsey.

Subway Hires New CEO
John Chidsey (Subway CEO)

Before Burger King, Chidsey also served two major companies, and they are Cendant Corporation. In the other company, he has a functional leadership role in PepsiCo.

John Chidsey About Subway In-Press Note

John Chidsey releases the press note on behalf of the Subway Restaurant.

I am thrilled, super excited, & honored to join such a huge global company. Further, he also said that I look forward to working with such a reputed company.

Owners Of Subway About John Chidsey:

We are delighted to have John as the CEO of the Subway. His diverse experience in the business & global food and beverages will greatly help Subway.

Moreover, with his help, we will provide the customers with the best quality food items. In contrast, the interim CEO Trevor Haynes will continue at Subway as the President Of North America.

About Subway Restaurants

Subway restaurant is evolving their dining experience in almost all countries. It serves food with the best quality ingredients. Interestingly, approximately 6 million sandwiches are made-to-order at the Subway Restaurant daily.

Whereas more than 20,000 franchises operate all the Subway Restaurants. The leading food at the Subway Restaurant is Submarine Sandwiches and Salads. As of now, the Subway is the fastest-growing restaurant in the World.

As per the report in 2023, the Subway is available in 37,000 locations in more than 100 countries. It is also called the largest single-brand restaurant chain.

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