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Share all your precious opinions regarding the Subway Store. Subway invites all the loyal Subway restaurant customers in the United States, United Kingdom, & Canada.

Every opinion from the customer will help improve the company’s standards. So, share your views soon and get a FREE COOKIE or A FOUNTAIN DRINK.

SubwayListens Survey

Key Points To Remember:

Subway wants to hear from all the customers. But, for that, here are some essential points to remember.

  • A valid receipt is necessary to be a part of the Subway Listens Survey.
  • Also, you must be a part of the Global Subway Survey within five days of purchase receipt.
  • The minimum age for Subway listening to customer surveys is 18 or more.

Thus, with all these minimum requirements, you can complete the Www.Global.Subway.Com Survey quickly.

Questionaries At SubwayListens Survey Page

Subway refers to the restaurant. So, all the questions during the survey process are mainly about the quality & quantity of the food and cleanliness in the restaurant.

Thus, here are some of the questions that you might have.

  • Quality Of The Food: Subway is one of the best restaurants that provide customers with delicious recipes. The food items available at the Subway are delicious (spicy Italian, turkey breast, roast beef, Subway Club, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, and the cold-cut combo). So, you can rate according to the quality of the recipe.
  • Friendliness Of Staff: The staff at the Subway Restaurant are perfectly trained. They always invite customers very politely. Further, there is enough staff available at the Subway restaurant. Moreover, they serve the food quickly.
  • Cleanliness Of the Environment: For the sake of cleaning the tables and the surroundings, the individual staff is available at the Subway. Thus, you can give a 5/5 rating for the Cleanliness of the Environment.

These are the sample questionnaires for the Subway Listens Survey. Therefore, you can follow the below survey steps.

You can check the rating bar on the Subway Listens Survey Page.

  1. Not Satisfied.
  2. Natural.
  3. Satisfied.

Global.Subway.Com Survey Details

Survey Website:Www.Global.Subway.Com
Survey Receipt Last For:Five Days
Is Purchasing an item necessary?Yes
Entry Mode:Online
Age Limit:18 & More
Survey Prize:Fountain Drink & Cookie

How To Do Subway Listens 1-Minute Survey 2024?

Subwaylistens Survey Page
  • Firstly, visit the official Subway Listens Survey Page at Www.Global.Subway.Com or Subwaylistens.Com.
  • Secondly, type the details like Address, Confirm Email Address, First Name, and Last Name. Now, click on the “Begin Survey” option.
  • Thirdly, fill in the following details from the receipt: Store Number, Time Of The Store Visit, Date Of Store Visit, and term ID-Trans. Further, hit the Next button.
  • Furthermore, you must check and answer questions like the meal’s quality, cleanliness, Experience With Staff, etc.
  • Therefore, with this, your survey questionnaire part is over.

Thus, a Unique Code will appear on the screen. Take the store receipt and note the Unique Code on the ticket. Now, visit the Subway Restaurant with the following receipt and win a FREE COOKIE or FOUNTAIN DRINK.

It is important to remember that you must redeem the Subway Listens Survey Prize within 30 days.

Contact Subway

Subway Contact Number: 1-888-445-9239

Mail Address: [email protected]

Mailing Address Of Subway:
Value Pay Services LLC,
9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami,
Florida 33156.

Contact Subway Online.

Visit the Official Subway Restaurant Website.

Therefore, thanks for participating in the Subway Listens Survey at Www.Global.Subway.Com or Subwaylistens.Com.

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