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Subway Introduces Ultimate Steak Sandwich

Subway restaurant is famous for providing a wide variety of food items. Yet another food item joins in the Subway family, i.e., Ultimate Steak Sandwich.

Subway Restaurant is much famous for making delicious sandwiches. Now, Subway is moving further and introducing a new sandwich, i.e., the Ultimate Steak Sandwich.

We know the Steak Sandwich. It comprises tender sliced steak with melted provolone cheese and grilled onions. It is always delicious to eat the Steak Sandwich. Now, with the new Ultimate Steak Sandwich, there is much improvement in the recipes.

Subway Ultimate Steak Sandwich
Subway Ultimate Steak Sandwich

There is shaved steak on Ultimate Cheese Garlic Bread, which is topped with green peppers and red onions.

The main difference between the Ultimate Steak Sandwich and Steak Sandwich is nothing. But, instead of using the Garlic Bread, you can use plain bread. Rather than that, all the other ingredients are the same.

Most importantly, the Ultimate Steak Sandwich is available only for a limited time in the United States. So, hurry up and get the Ultimate Steak Sandwich ASAP. But, it will be available full-time from December 31st.

Moreover, the Ultimate Steak Sandwich is available at $6.69 for a Six-Inch. Whereas, for a Foot Long, it is available for $10.49. So, for such a low price, the Ultimate Steak Sandwich is possible for the residents of the United States.

In addition to the Ultimate Steak Sandwich, Subway adds other food items like Ultimate Meatball Marinara and the Ultimate Spicy Italian.

Moreover, all three items are served under the Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread category. Further, Subway Spicy Italian comprises things like garlic herb butter spread, Parmesan, and melted mozzarella cheese. With these ingredients, Subway’s Italian bread tastes much yummy.

Currently, Subway is offering all these three items for a limited time.

Nutrition Facts Of Subway Ultimate Steak Sandwich

Below are the nutrition facts; these three items give you significant calories.

  1. Nutrition Of Subway Ultimate Steak Sandwich.
  2. The Ultimate Meatball Marinara Sandwich Nutrition.
  3. Nutrition Of Ultimate Spicy Italian Sandwich.

Nutrition Of Subway Ultimate Steak Sandwich

  • Size: 216 Grams.
  • 315 Calories From Fat
  • 42 grams of carbs
  • 5 grams of sugar
  • 31 grams of protein
  • 35 Grams of fat
  • Calories: 600.
  • Fourteen grams of saturated fat.
  • 1330 milligrams of sodium.

The Ultimate Meatball Marinara Sandwich Nutrition

  • 9g of sugar
  • 30g of proteins730 calories
  • 80mg of cholesterol
  • 140 calories from fat
  • 45g of fat
  • 19g of saturated fat
  • 1g of trans fat
  • 5g of fiber
  • 1510mg of sodium
  • 53g of carbohydrates

Nutrition Of Ultimate Spicy Italian Sandwich

  • 2000mg sodium
  • 40g of carbohydrates52g of fat
  • 21g saturated fat
  • 0.5g trans fat730 calories
  • 200 calories from fat
  • 3g of fiber
  • 5g of sugar
  • 28g of proteins
  • 95mg cholesterol

All three sandwiches will be available in more numbers from December 31st. But now, they are available only in limited stock.

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