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Why Choose Subway Rather Than McDonald’s?

McDonald’s & Subway are the most popular fast-food restaurants throughout the world. When compared to Subway, McDonald’s Sales are much higher. But, nowadays, Subway has increased in its restaurants since 2009.

In 2009, it added 40 new stores to it. Further, the restaurant count increases year by year.

The main question here is, why choose the subway rather than McDonald’s? The main reason is that Subway Food is much healthier than McDonald’s.

A recent study is conducted between the age of 12 to 21. In a recent survey, the restaurant with fewer calories will be much healthier. Thus, Subway provides food with fewer calories than food when compared with McDonald’s.

Subway & McDonald's

A veteran obesity researcher Lenard Lesser, MD, MSHS, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, did the research. Further, the main research focuses not on the recipes and types of recipes; instead, he focuses on what young people were ordering.

Test At Subway & McDonald’s

We have conducted a test at the Subway & McDonald’s separately. The analysis is performed between the age of (12-21). We have asked the people at the Subway to order a meal on one day. Also, we asked some other people to order a meal at McDonald’s the other day.

The teens choose Subway as the primary health choice compared to McDonald’s. Also, a 25 Question Survey is asked at the restaurant; some questions include healthy eating, combo-meal deals, pricing, etc.

Further, in the Nutrition Environment Measures Survey (NEMS), Subway scored 41, whereas McDonald’s scored 23. Whereas, in general, 63 is the most favorable score.

The teens at the Subway restaurant might experience the Halo Effect. At Subway, you may get more calories from the main dish. Whereas, in McDonald’s, you get more calories from the side dishes like side dishes, such as fries and plentiful drinks. So, we have to be very careful while ordering food.

Recommendations About Ordering The Food At McDonald’s or Subway

Follow the below recommendations at Subway or McDonald’s Restaurants.

  • It would help to avoid Soft Drinks, sugary drinks, and French fries at McDonald’s. Most of the customers ate more carbohydrates rather than proteins.
  • Further, instead of the Foot-Long, choose the Six-inch sub at the subway restaurants. Also, if you go with the Foot-Long, go for half the meat and the other with the veggies. Ultimately, you have to reduce the salt.

Currently, the subway is driving the health benefits for the people. But, if you follow the above steps, you won’t stick with the Subway. Instead, you would go with McDonald’s too.

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